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We can install plastic radiators and more in Kingman, AZ 

At Cave Radiator, our team has been helping car owners for years
At Cave Radiator, in Kingman, AZ, you can count on our team of technicians for trustworthy and quality service. Every member of our team is a fully trained mechanic who can give advice on all areas of car performance - from air conditioning repairs to plastic radiators. We have years of experience and knowledge in the automotive industry.

Our team will give you options depending on the situation and your budget. At Cave Radiator, we will always keep you informed and help you make the right decision for your vehicle.
One of our experts in plastic radiators at work in Kingman, AZ


Cave Radiator's team of mechanics have specialized knowledge and experience in cooling systems, including plastic radiators. We have worked with all types and brands, so if you need advice on your cooling system, our team in Kingman is ready to help!
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Our team has years of experience working on cooling systems, plastic radiators and optimizing car engine performance. You can trust our team to give you trustworthy advice, to discuss your options with you, and treat your car with the care and attention it deserves.
Man working on plastic radiators in Kingman, AZ

Service oriented

Our team of mechanics pride themselves on their high levels of service. Our team, in Kingman, works in a timely manner, as they know how important it is to get your car back on the road. Cave Radiator's team strives to find the right solution for you whether it's helping you choose between different parts or determine the best course of action for a repair.
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